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How Ergonomics and Exercise Helps You Work from Home Better

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us more than two years ago, companies have been forced to switch their operations to a digital setting. While many offices have opened up since then, work-from-home arrangements are still prevalent, and it’s safe to say they won’t go away anytime soon. However, this presents a new challenge regarding productivity.

In a home office, it can be challenging to maintain productivity while still functioning as you do in an office. This is where ergonomics and exercise come to play because they can help relieve many of the discomforts you experience from sitting in a chair all day. An emphasis on ergonomics must be made because it can be pretty tricky to achieve a comfortable position, and exercise is necessary to keep up with your physical health. Few people see their value, so we’ll discuss how they can help improve working from home.

More about Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a science dedicated to analyzing the physical needs of workers. It’s an integral part of home offices because it helps avoid discomfort and fatigue. While it may seem broad, it’s simply about comfort at its core. Since it deals with personal preferences and individual cases, it usually brings up the concern of having an ergonomically friendly home office.

Setting up an Ergonomic Home Office

Humans aren’t meant to sit all day, so you must find a comfortable way to work. Chairs are arguably the most critical aspect of ergonomics because they provide the base for almost all your work. If your chair is uncomfortable, you will have a hard time staying productive for eight hours. This is why it’s crucial to find a chair that fits your physical characteristics, like height and weight. Most ergonomic office chairs today are adjustable, and you can work with your body rather than against it.

As for the desk, its height is the primary factor. If you’re sitting at a desk that’s not proportional to your chair, it can make your productivity difficult. How high or low you sit at your desk isn’t a problem, but it’s in relation to your chair that matters.

Your Posture and Positional Changes

The way you position yourself at your desk is crucial for your comfort. Your posture can make a difference in your level of comfort. Slouching while working can cause neck and back problems, so you should try to avoid it at all costs. One of the easiest ways to do this is to sit at an angle with your chair tilted back; this helps your stomach press against the back of your chair. This can help you sit up straight and avoid neck fatigue. Sitting at your desk for too long can put a lot of pressure on your shoulders and neck, so you must get up from your desk every so often.

Exercises for a Better Physical Condition

You should exercise to supplement your work-from-home routine because it helps your body recover from the strain. This can help your productivity, regardless of your home office’s condition. Here are some exercises to help you get started:


Bridges are a good core exercise and can help your back and neck. You should hold your lower back as you arch your back upwards as if you’re trying to touch the ceiling. Finish by lowering yourself slowly and repeating this 10 times.

Bird Dogs

This is another good exercise that can also help with your back. You should lie on your stomach, extend one of your arms upwards, and straighten your opposite leg. Be sure to do both simultaneously, and you must also maintain the same amount of time for each arm and leg to avoid muscle imbalances.


Clamshells are another excellent core and lower back exercise. You should sit on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat to perform them. You should rotate your feet to one side and then the other and hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat this process about 10 times.


Ergonomics can significantly improve working from home. It helps make up for the lack of an office setting and can help your productivity. The need to exercise while working from home is also just as vital because it helps keep you in shape and active.

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