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Dr. Natasha Turner

“It Was Great Seeing You Last Night…”    

Just a simple text from my husband.

So why did I feel a jolt of panic in my chest?Mike had told me was working late.The kids and I were in bed when he got home… I felt my mouth go dry. My heart racing as reality sank in… 

The Text Wasn’t Meant For Me!

He was cheating on me. Had to be.My palms sweaty, I read the text again. Hoping… praying… there was a reason for it. Waiting for him to explain that this was all a big misunderstanding.10-minutes passed. Nothing. 

Silence. I felt sick to my stomach.And that’s the exact moment I knew my marriage was over. The man I loved was seeing another woman. 

How could he?!

How could he throw away everything we had?At first, I couldn’t comprehend it…… but as time passed, I had to be honest with myself.