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What I’m about to share with you can accelerate how good you’re going to look and feel after you shed all that weight, and help keep you on track..Before I say what I’m going to say, I first want to applaud you for your commitment to yourself. I know what it takes and you truly deserve it.No matter how old you are, no matter how much you currently weigh, and no matter how fit you are, you should be proud of the fact you’re taking action… I am!I’ll be honest with you, for every 100 people who land on this page, only 20 of them commit.You are indeed in the minority.Now having said that, I have a one-time, incredible opportunity for those like you who want to step up their commitment to themselves to make this change.

Yes, it’s going to take some time and some effort but the payoff in terms of results, self-esteem, appearance and happiness is going to be huge.No more shame. No embarrassment.As you lose weight and tone your body, once your hormones start getting in balance, there’s one thing and only one thing that will help accelerate your journey to your ultimate body, beauty and physique.And that’s…

Compound Movement!

Yes, a balanced blend of Compound MOVEMENT holds the key. It has incredible ability to shape and shift and tone, creating “the look” you desire.But based upon the results of myself and my clients, it has to be this specific KIND of movement.You see, the last thing you want is to kill yourself in the gym. There’s no need to be a gym rat.You also don’t want to be signing up for marathons either.The kind of exercise you want is a unique combination of cardio, strength and resistance training that engages your entire body instead of isolating one area at a time.

However–too much of either and your hormonal balance will be disrupted drastically. Potentially sending you into a downward hormonal spiral once again. Reversing days, weeks and months of forward movement and success.Remember that we talked about the stress response called “fight or flight?” If you do too much cardio, you signal stress to your brain and your body will release cortisol in response. Another side effect of cortisol, is that it makes you carve highly palatable foods.

For instance, have you ever gone out for a long run or walk and come back to the kitchen CRAVING CARBS like breads, pastries, soda and candy?Then what happens?You cave and the next thing you know, you’ve gained 3 pounds.Even worse, your hormones like insulin and leptin and ghrelin are all out of whack.We can’t have that happen. Yet, we must exercise in a balanced fashion in order to reclaim and maintain “that look” we once enjoyed or desire to have.Not only that, but over time, the right kinds of movement can actually reinforce the hormonal changes you’ve achieved. Making it harder to fall back into old habits.The upshot is it has to be a “Goldilocks” type of exercise. Not too much, not too little.That’s why I created…

Happiness HormonesAdvanced Compound Workouts

Happiness Hormones Advanced Compound Workouts are designed to work hand in hand with the Happiness Hormones program.

These workouts do 4 important things:

  • They help you reclaim and maintain that toned, tight body of yours…
  • They reinforce all the benefits of the Happiness Hormones program
  • And they keep you on track, keeping you from reversing progress

They are more advanced, so they take you to the next level.

  • Moderate Workout – This is used to lock all the benefits of the Happiness Hormones program, and is very important for your healthy heart.
  • Vigorous Workout – These videos are designed to rev up your metabolism while you work out AND keep it revved up for up to 36 hours. (when you achieve that, it’s a banner day–your body is well on it’s way to rebounding with you locking in the gains)
  • This workout was designed to raise the heart rate into the fat burning metabolic zone and create the EPOCH effect in the body where the body’s resting metabolism is increased for up to 38 hours after.
  • checkStrength/Balance/Tone/Flexibility Workout – These videos are where the magic happens–combined with the other videos, they give you the look that’s eluded you for so long by chiseling long and lean musculature. It’s super weight bearing, so it’s great for your bone health too.

​Important: These workouts are NOT designed to be over done…

I want to be clear about something. If you’re the type that gets easily addicted to strenuous exercise, these videos are not for you.We’re not exercising for competitive reasons. There’s no reason to overdo it. We are exercising to release those happiness hormones to fight fat and tone our bodies.What we’re going for is a look and feeling that’s quite indescribable to everyone but you.You want to look and feel years younger. I believe that you desire the indescribable joy of living as your very best self.If you add in these workouts, and do them as I prescribe, then you can even lower your “Metabolic Age” or as some refer to it as “Body Age”. I had one client who decreased her metabolic age by about 7 years in six weeks. I am 54 and, do you know that my body age is plus or minus 32?You know that you want to feel proud, confident and happy about the way you look when you run into old acquaintances and attend social functions.Never again will you have to look in the mirror and be disappointed or hide behind others in pictures, or avoid social outings because you are uncomfortable in your own skin.

It Is Time For You To Emerge And Show The World The Fit, Lean, Proud And Beautiful Woman You Truly Are!

WORTH IT.These videos are just the thing to help get you there and keep you there. Combined with the Happiness Hormones basic program, you’ll take your results to the next level.Before you know, the changes become more and more noticeable, you become more and more toned and defined as the weeks pass.In addition to the three videos, you get…


Bonus #1: Three Workout Polishers

Every woman I know has one or two troublesome areas that they stress over.We can’t have you stressing, can we?That’s why these videos target those areas, whether it’s the tummy, the thighs, arms or butt. We target the major muscle groups in those areas rather than just a general conditioning training.Just add these polishers to the end of a workout, or even use them as stand alone express workouts if you like.With your newly boosted metabolism, more fat gradually melts away, and more lean, attractive metabolism boosting muscle appears. Not to mention the bigger smile on your face!It’s pretty awesome to watch the changes day by day.

Bonus #2: Mobility Stretch Video

The mobility and stretch video is awesome if you enjoy warm, tingling yet relaxing feeling of warm ups and wrap ups. They stretch the major muscles groups, warming them so they don’t injure.Done right, they loosen the fascia, extending length and grace to your limbs.The best part is these movements can even restore posture damaged from years being overweight and out of shape.

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