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40 Delicious Recipes

To Tantalize Your Taste Buds And HelpYou Optimize Those Happy Hormones!

Over the past few years, I’ve prepared hundreds and hundreds of different meals for myself and clients. Even those on supposedly restrictive diets.

In my book, committing to an eating plan DOES NOT have to mean the monotony of prison food, so read every word on this page. I’m going to share my secret with you.

You’ll discover the secrets to overcoming cravings and delighting in…

Wonderfully Delicious Meals That In Addition To Enhancing Your Personal Fat Loss Goals, Help You Feel Happier And More Self-Confident.

You see, I can appreciate how diet restrictions are a source of frustration for people wanting to comply with the rules of trying to lose weight , have more energy and being happy about their bodies.What happens? They eventually cave in to their cravings.In other words, unfortunately failure is baked right into the majority of the plan.As you may have already discovered, it’s practically impossible to stick to a diet for any length of time. And there’s a reason.AND a solution.So what’s the secret to getting around this roadblock?

A Variety Of Clean Foods WithHappiness Hormone Nutrients

Here’s two things that I’ve discovered:

First, there are certain foods with nutrients that support the release of your four happiness hormones.

  • Vegetables like spinach, avocado and brussel sprouts
  • Fruits like bananas, apples and figs
  • Legumes and nuts like pumpkin seeds, black beans and almonds
  • arrow-rightClams and salmon
  • arrow-rightMeat like poultry, eggs and grass fed lean beef
  • arrow-rightOatmeal
  • arrow-rightMilk and greek yogurt

Second, the more variety you have when eating, the more options you have…

…and the better your odds of you sticking around long enough to see the amazing results of The Happiness Hormones Program pay off big time!

You see, just like your exercise plan needs to be balanced, so does your nutrition plan.

You NEED lots of Variety of foods with these secret happiness hormone nutrients in your diet to accelerate and enhance your HHM exercise program that you just purchased.

There’s enough tasty, happy variety in here to last you a lifetime!

With these recipes, I wanted there to be so much variety of special nutrition, I wanted them to be so satisfying, I wanted them to be so delightfully delicious… … so I over delivered.

Here’s the BIG benefit hormone-wise:

The more variety you have in terms of special happiness hormone releasing vegetables, fruits and meats, the more you will flood your body with them and crush the presence of the fat loving stress hormone, cortisol.

And the more of this special nutrition you get, The more balanced your hormones and ultimately the easier it is to torch fat.

The result?

A Priceless Collection Of Filling Breakfasts, Lunches Dinners Snacks And Yes, Even Desserts You Couldn’t Say No To – Even If You Wanted.

Imagine yourself taking a short list of healthy Happy Hormone ingredients, and whipping up scrumptiously satisfying meals, and yes, even comfort foods.​

Here’s what’s great:

You Don’t HAVE To Be A Chef To Get The Most Out Of These Meals…

Not at all.I’ve carefully selected each recipe, so anyone, even someone who struggles boiling water, can make the most wonderfully delicious meals in just a few minutes.

For instance, there’s Fast & Delish Sautéed Shrimp in Garlic Tomato Sauce.Imagine not just tasty shrimp, but shrimp made with citrus, vegetables and herbs to jumpstart your body’s happiness hormones.It’s delicious yet ultra-nutritious meals like these that can help keep your stress and happy hormones balanced and performing optimally together into the future.

How about more of an Italian feel? Every delicious bite feeding your weight loss, beauty and vibrancy.It won’t take long for the nutrition impact of all these tasty recipes to be felt by your body.

Ever had tasty Baked Halibut or Salmon & Veggies in a Pouch? It’s a treat for the whole family and gives your beauty a boost as well.

Yet here’s best part when it comes to looking fabulous…All of these recipes have an abundance of happiness hormone ingredients which also have protective, detoxifying nutrients that work wonders for supporting not only your weight loss efforts, but your beauty, brain, heart and immune health.They fight diseases like breast cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and others.What also makes these recipes really special is they’re packed with antioxidants proven to help you feel and look younger, more energetic…from the inside out.

Talk About Turning Back The Hands Of Time!

With these recipes, you’ll be looking and feeling gorgeous and happy in no time!But you don’t just get the 40+ recipes, you also get the super-simple, done-for-you meal plan template, More than enough to keep your taste buds popping and your happiness hormones flowing abundantly.Here’s another recipe I love:

Baked Chicken Oreganata with Onions & Lemon – This is the kind of nutrition your body and beauty craves.Never again will you be forced to sacrifice your health and happiness goals when time is short or when you have to feed the whole family. Because these are nutritious, flavorful meals the whole family will enjoy.

You May Want To Know My Secret.Why Are These Recipes SO DIFFERENT From Anything Else You’ll Ever See?

I’ll let the cat out of the bag.The ingredients that I use aren’t just for taste. They naturally rev-up your happiness hormone levels to help you lose that unwanted fat.

As an end result? You’re not only eating for initial weight loss and vibrancy, you’re eating yourself slim EVERY meal of the day…

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