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Hey it’s Dorian again. Thank you and congratulations on investing in yourself with The Happiness Hormone Method.Guaranteed, you’re about to unleash a flood of fat-burning, energy-soaring, mood-lifting hormones that may just change your life.And right now it’s about to get even better for you with my own personal technique for dramatically accelerating your hormonal release. How can we do that?By tackling the sneaky, insidious “double whammy” of unwanted fat storage.As you know, as early as the age of 35, women’s bodies begin go through all kinds of radical hormonal changes. Changes that wreak havoc on our looks, our energy levels and the happiness we feel.Yet we also self-sabotage, making things TWICE AS HARD for ourselves…

Every time we worry, feel stress or anxiety, whether we realize it or not, we’re compounding the problem.

It’s almost like we add another rivet… firmly bolting already stubborn fat in place to our body. Ugh. Making it that much more difficult to shed later.

That’s why I’ve put together a BRAND NEW collection of FOUR targeted workouts that soothe away the damage from stress and worry.Start doing these regularly? And it’s like I’m giving you a pair of “fat bolt cutters.”I call this new program…

Don’t Stress Me Out!(It’s Making My Jeans Tight)

We’re all stressed aren’t we? More responsibility means more demands on our time.However, there are 4 simple, quick and easy things you can do during the week to put an end to fat-ballooning stress.

In the “Don’t Stress Me Out” program, you get a quartet of “Super-Balanced” workouts that serve to reverse the ‘double whammy effect’ of stress, worry and frustration.I want you to look forward to putting on your jeans, not cringe.

Your FOUR Stress-Defeating Workouts Include:

  1. Endorphins Are A Girl’s Best Friend

    This unusual routine saves time, burns fat for up to 36 hours… and… pumps up your ‘feel good’ hormones. You’ll look good and feel great in only minutes a day.

    This workout was designed to raise the heart rate into the fat burning metabolic zone and create the EPOCH effect in the body where the body’s fat burning, resting metabolism is increased for up to 36 hours after.

  2. You Do It Every Day – Just Do It More!

    Invite a friend, de-stress and stay healthy. Take a walk toward clarity while you catch up on the latest.

  3. No Bones About It

    Worried about osteoporosis? This excellent weight bearing routine eases your mind while strengthening your bones, toning your muscles, and enhancing your balance.

  4. Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

    Take a deep breath and release your relaxation response while increasing your flexibility with this ancient modality.

I know you’ll find ‘Don’t Stress Me Out’ a valuable addition to your Happiness Hormones program and your life.

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