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WOW! We are so super excited and honored that you have chosen our team to help YOU take charge of your body and your life!We want your experience with us to be just amazing. The program is so easy to follow, and is sure to get you started on your journey toward being the happiest you have ever felt with your body, your self confidence and your life.We know that you want to jump right in, but do set aside a little bit of time to read through the Success Manual and Program Guide before you start your exercise program.

The Basic Program

The Happiness Hormones Method is created for women. The approach to my exercise method for women is based on balancing our hormones. It’s pretty simple, we women need a very specific balance of exercise to help balance our hormones and stay healthy.

So many women fail at the gym because they are either doing all the wrong things, or they simply guess what they should be doing. I have for years now, studied the subject of balanced exercise for women both at my desk and in my studio with hundreds of my mature female clients.

In general, women need a minimum of 150 minutes of activity weekly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, in order to lose weight and fight hormonal belly fat and “thickening around the middle”, you need a very specific blend of activity in those 150 minutes.

Through my years of research and practical experiments with my clients in my studio, I developed a guideline, a recipe if you will with 4 essential “G.I.R.L.” ingredients.

Genre or type of exercise

There are so many choices out there. What GENRE or type of exercise should I be doing?

Intensity of exercise

What levels of vigor do I need? Can I do too much cardio?

Regularity of exercise

How often should I do it?

Length of exercise

How long should I do this type of exercise?

This Basic Program is intended to get you started and on your way to your healthiest and happiest self in just 28 days. You don’t have to think about the G.I.R.L. essentials…It’s all done for you. Just follow along with weeks A and then B, and repeat for weeks C and D. If you purchased the advanced workouts, you can begin to swap them into weeks C and D. All of the details are in your Success Guide.If you’d like to purchase the advanced workouts, please click here for a special deal.

Guides and Manuals

And here are all of the support materials you need to get the most out of your program. They are arranged below in the order you should read them. The Quick Start Guide is there if you just can’t wait to get your happiness going! But I do highly suggest that you take the time to read through the first three before starting.


Women need to have a balance of moderate and vigorous cardio in their fitness routines. You’ll notice that our vigorous cardio workouts are very controlled to keep you in your fat burning zone and to keep your metabolism high for up to 36 hours after the workout.Be sure that you know your target heart rate for fat burning and to check frequently to make sure that you are not working over that heart rate during your vigorous workouts. (There is a chart in your Success Manual.)

Strength/Balance/Tone/Flexibility (SBTF)

In addition to working our heart, we need to fire up those muscles, chisel and tone our bodies and to create lean muscle in place of fat. These workouts are designed to balance off your cardio, strengthen your bones and joints and improve your posture. Be sure to listen and heed the set up and form cues!


A pillar of balance for everyone, but especially we mature women is restoration of body and mind. You heard all about it in my video and read about it in your Program Guide right? We need to keep that stress hormone, cortisol at bay. So relaxation is critical to your success!! Feel free to add in any of the relaxation goodies that you received when you purchased your Stress Management Bonus Package at any time during these 28 days.

Week A

Click here to get your workouts for Week A.

Week B

Click here to get your workouts for Week B.


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