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Quick and Easy Ways to Relieve Back Pain While at Work

Chronic pain damages brain function and increases the risk of developing depression, anxiety, and sleep problems. How your body is positioned throughout the day can contribute to back and neck pain. If you suffer from chronic back pain, this article will help you learn how to deal with it.

Quick and Easy Ways to Relieve Back Pain While at Work

1 – Adjust the height of your chair

The correct height for your work chair is essential for a pain-free workplace. You should be able to rest your hand on the edge of the table and rest your head on the back of your hand without any strain.

2 – Get in the know about ergonomics

Ergonomics is very important. While in a seated position, your feet should be flat on the floor, your upper legs should be horizontal and parallel to the floor, and you should be able to rotate and swivel your hips without leaving the chair. If you automatically feel pain when sitting, you should focus on making adjustments to your chair.

3 – Stretch at least once an hour

Getting up can relieve pressure and relieve pain. If you are sitting and working, you should get up, stretch and increase the circulation to your back at least once an hour.

4 – Support the natural curve of your spine

The most important aspect of prevention is to support the natural curve of your spine. You should not sit with your back straight and supported. Make sure all your chairs and beds are comfortable, firm, and have good support.

5 – Take short breaks

To manage your back pain, you need to take short breaks. Take time for a break and stretch.

6 – Choose the right cushioning

If your work requires long periods of sitting, the right cushioning is essential. You can see results by using the right cushioning to support your lower back, thighs, and ankles. Avoid using soft cushions.

7 – Practice good posture

All-day, every day, you should consider your posture. Sit up straight, push your shoulders back and stand tall. Good posture can reduce back pain and prevent future injuries.

8 – Practice ergonomically correct movement

This means keeping your neck and back aligned by sitting up straight. You should not slouch or hunch over when sitting. If you have to bend or lift, try to do it when you are at the side of your body, not the front or back. This can help your back, neck, and shoulders.

9 – Adjust the lumbar support

A seat with back support can make a big difference if you have lower back pain. Lumbar support helps you feel more stable in the chair. A wide, adjustable lumbar support is a good choice if you spend a lot of time seated.


If you work a desk job, you should notice a slight change in your posture after the first week. Your back pain may come back, but the changes are more permanent.

It is not an easy task to learn how to manage lower back pain. But you don’t have to suffer! If you follow these nine tips, you can reduce your pain and maintain good posture.

If you need additional back pain tips, continue reading the articles at Rhythmic Health. Our mission is to help people solve their health challenges and then lead ever more fulfilling lives. We believe (and science agrees) that many health challenges can be solved with relatively small changes to daily life. Let us help you find your rhythm today!

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