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Help, I’m Over 50—Is Chronic Back Pain Normal?

Over 50 with Chronic Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints for people over 50. Whether the pain is dull or acute, it can interfere with your life and make almost any position uncomfortable, whether it’s standing, sitting, or lying down. But understanding the source of your back pain can help you find solutions.

Keep reading to learn about what could be causing your back pain and how to find relief.

Causes of Back Pain Over 50

Back pain in older adults can occur for a variety of reasons. It’s important to note that if you have experienced back pain for three months or longer, it’s considered chronic. Knowing why you’re experiencing back pain is the best way to find appropriate solutions. The following are some of the most common sources of back pain over the age of 50. (1)

Arthritis in the Spine

Arthritis in the spine is related to osteoarthritis. It occurs when the cartilage inside the spine gradually thins, narrowing the joint space. It can also lead to bone overgrowth and bone spurs, as well as reduced function. (2)

Herniated or Bulging Disc

Herniated or bulging discs occur in the lumbar spine, the second-lowest section of the spine. If a disc between two vertebrae becomes dried out, it starts to compress. This can lead to the tough outer ring of the disc breaking down, allowing the inside of the ring to bulge out. This is a bulging disc. (3)

A herniated disc occurs when a bulging disc continues to break down. It can rupture, allowing fragments of the material that made up the disc to press into nerve roots, causing pain, weakness, or numbness. (3)

Spinal Stenosis

In spinal stenosis, the spinal canal narrows. This can cause pressure on your spinal cord, which is a bundle of nerves that runs through your spinal canal. This can make it difficult to walk for longer distances. You can also experience pain or numbness in your legs and have to lean forward in order to relieve the pressure in your back. (4)


The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and then down each of your legs. Sciatica is pain through the sciatic nerve. People with sciatica usually only experience it on one side of the body. (5)

Sciatica is often related to a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, either of which can compress part of the sciatic nerve. This compression can cause inflammation and pain, and it may also lead to numbness in the leg on the affected side. (5)

Solutions for Over 50 Back Pain

You may be afraid that your back pain will require surgery. But don’t worry! There are many nonsurgical solutions for back pain.

Physical Therapy

A physical therapist will be able to tailor a program of exercises to your body and condition. They can help you to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles for a more resilient spine and assist you in improving your overall balance, strength, and flexibility. Make sure to stay consistent with your physical therapy program at home for the best results. (1, 6)


If inflammation is partially responsible for your back pain, changing your diet could provide you with some relief. Avoid inflammation-causing foods, like processed foods, refined sugars, and trans fats. Changing your diet can also have the added benefit of helping you to maintain a healthy weight, taking pressure off of your spine. You may want to work with a nutritionist to make sure you’re getting proper nutrition and choosing foods that will help you reduce the inflammation in your body. (1)

Apply Heat and Cold

Strategically using heat and cold on your back pain may be helpful. When you first start to experience pain, apply an ice pack to the affected area. This will help to calm inflammation and muscle spasms. Keep the cold on for 20 minutes, and then remove it for 20 minutes, repeating the cycle as needed and convenient. (6)

After a few days of icing, start applying heat to your back pain with a heating pad or warm bath. Heat will help your back muscles to relax and stimulate blood flow. After you’re finished applying heat, gently stretch your back muscles. (6)

Alternative Therapies

If you’ve tried conventional treatments for back pain without luck, you might consider trying alternative treatments. Acupuncture, massage, osteopathic manipulation, or biofeedback therapy could help to improve your chronic back pain. Speak to your doctor about alternative therapies that might work for your condition. (1, 5)

Relieve Back Pain Over 50 

When you’re over 50 and have chronic back pain, you might start to feel hopeless. The solutions that are usually offered – medication, surgery, injections, and physiotherapy – can be time-consuming, expensive, and even painful. 

But there’s an easier way. The Back Pain Relief 4 Life program offers a simple, natural approach to treating back pain. All it takes is learning eight simple, daily movements, which most people have never seen before. For many people, it takes just two sessions to become pain-free.

The daily sessions take only 20 minutes, the same amount of time it would take you to drive to the chiropractor or doctor’s office. And all you need is a place to lie down, a firm pillow or towel to put under your head, and a chair. 

The eight movements in the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program “wake up” certain muscles and restore muscle balance. Then, they jump-start pathways so vital oxygen and nutrition can get in and help you heal. Restoring the body’s natural functional movement and muscle balance allows it to heal naturally.

This method of healing chronic back pain is simple, efficient, AND inexpensive. Rather than paying for appointments and medications over and over again – or even shelling out for surgery – Back Pain Relief 4 Life offers you relief with an inexpensive one-time investment.

You’ll get all of this in your Back Pain Relief 4 Life program:

  • Back Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD
  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Back Pain Relief
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So what are you waiting for? If you’re over 50 and suffering from back pain, don’t wait! Get relief fast using Back Pain Relief 4 Life’s program so you can get back to living a full, pain-free life.


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